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The Best. Local. Produce. On your plate.

‘Kitchen style don’t matter, we must adapt to local products’
Mauro Colagreco, Mirazur.
leading the World Culinary Council Relais & Chateaux

At L’Atelier we developed a cuisine starting from the best local ingredients. Day after day, we strive to find the best producers, farmers, fishermen and develop long term relationships. This is our mission and we are at the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Kitchen style? You will discover a mix of influences from Romanian cuisine, our chefs background, memories and ideas gathered during our culinary explorations. But mainly, we use our creativity and different techniques based on the best produce we have at our disposal.

Welcome to L’Atelier!

Alex, Vlad & the Team

Vlad Pădurescu
Head Chef

Born in Galaţi, Vlad Pădurescu attended the Dieffe cooking school in Valdobiadenne, Italy. In Italy he had the first opportunity to work in a Michelin-starred restaurant, at Feva in Castelfranco.

He started traveling and doing internships in different kitchens of the World. In 2016 he joined Heston Blumenthal’s team at Hinds Head in Bray as Chef de partie.

The next stop was in Faviken (2*), where Vlad participated in a 3-month internship. Returning to Romania, he accepted Alex Iacob’s challenge and the position of Head Chef at Maison des Chefs.

Starting from March 2023, Vlad Pădurescu is Head Chef at L’Atelier Relais & Chateaux.

Alex Iacob
Group Executive Chef

Alex Iacob started his gastronomic journey in Austria, in Mautendorf, where he worked for almost 2 and a half years, in a 4-star hotel. This was followed by a stop in Berlin with internships at Dos Pallilos and Sauvage, where he first came into contact with Paleolithic cuisine.

In 2013 Alex joined the classes of the Basque Culinary Center where he successfully graduated a master’s degree in avant-garde cuisine. In this period he had the chance to stage at Mugaritz.

Back in Romania, Alex signed up for the first edition of Top Chef competition show, where he passed the casting and ended up winning the competition.

Immediately after the competition, he received a job offer from the Manasia Estate. “There we had a garden and a gardener, and I was fascinated that I put a seed in the ground and a beautiful beet came out, which I then had the honor to cook; we cook it with great care and exploit its qualities to the maximum. I think since then I thought it was amazing to be able to do everything with local products, as close to home as possible. That’s when I started looking for suppliers. That’s how I met a local producer, at Piața Domenii, and since then we have stayed in touch until today”. You can find nea Tavi on the menu at L’Atelier.